Yres 0202

Homeworld of Jan Ysorson

A world located in the Regina Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Yres has a normal climate and a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere that is highly radioactive. In addition to Yres Startown, other major settlements on Yres include Magisburg and Ninlish.

Diameter: 9,820 miles (15,800 km). Atmosphere: Standard, highly radioactive. Surface Water: 61 %. Climate: Normal. Population: 1,843,000,000. Government: Oligarchy (two habitat councils). TL: 7.

The cities of this balkanised world are all underground and underwater. Visitors face an additional docking fee of 250 credits, which is an obligatory donation to the Yres Reconstruction & War Widows Fund. Yres was subject to a devastating Vargr attack that killed 1.2 million citizens; many of these casualties were suffered during the destruction of an underwater habitat. The atmosphere is highly radioactive; iodine tablets are available from public dispensers throughout the cities.

In 1084 the Battle of Two Suns was fought in deep space between Yres and Menorb (Spinward Marches 1803), ending the Fourth Frontier War with heavy losses on both Imperial and Zhodani sides.

Yres, once a proud monarchy ruled directly by the Marquis von Talbot, was reduced to anarchy after the Fourth Frontier War during which it suffered a huge Vargr raid which killed 1.2 million people, including every man, woman and child in one of Yres’ underwater habitats. The planet was liberated, but the raid indicates an alarming new Vargr tactic of genocide on a planetary scale.

Although the war was won, the Marquis was killed, and the planet broke out into rebellion against the ruling family. After two decades of police action on Yres, the Imperium has broken the revolutionary movement and established two rival governments on the world: The Wonderful Community, a religious dictatorship with strict moral codes, and the YLU (Yresian Liberty Union), a charismatic dictatorship ruled by popular conservative, Arthur Kuzumi.

The starport, nestled in the small neutral zone between the two nations, displays the Imperium’s indifference between the two rival governments. Since the revolution, the household of von Talbot relocated to Menorb and has been elevated in status to the seat of the 8th County of Regina.

The world’s 34 million inhabitants, as divided as they are, can no longer instill rebellion for fear of being crushed by each other. However, neither can they choose a productive course for the world. This social conflict, as deadly as the corrosive atmosphere of the world, has created a climate of fear and desperation, where large-scale sabotage in the vast underground cities is commonplace. It is even rumored by high-level sources that TAS is currently in deliberation with the rival governments over whether or not to classify the planet as an amber zone.


Nugget, essentially a large ball of ice with a small but dense rocky core, has been leased to Naugrim Enterprises, a sector-wide corporation with 7000 employees positioned locally. According to company spokespeople, Naugrim is conducting a speculative mining operation in order to determine the world’s mineral assets, if any.

Lark’s World

The research station on Lark’s World was originally set-up to investigate an abnormality in an otherwise common world. The planet’s molten core is roughly a tenth of a percent of what should be expected given its size, age, and orbital radius. Fifty-four Imperial scientists (including a sixteen-member team specializing in xeno-archeology) are currently stationed on the world researching the phenomenon.

Yres 0202

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