Victoria 0207


Starport X No Starport
Size 6 Medium (9,600 km)
Atmosphere 9 Dense (tainted)
Hydrographics 7 Wet World 70%
Population 7 Moderate (10 million)
Government 7 Balkanization
Law 0 No Law
Tech Level 4 Industrial (combustion)

System Details

  • Primary K6 V
  • Gas Giants 2
  • Planetoid Belts 1

An Imperial-aligned agricultural world in the Lanth Subsector of the Spinward Marches, located within the Abyss Rift just off the Lanth-Ghandi-Dinomn xboat route. Victoria is a small, light, and metal-poor world that also has a dense, tainted atmosphere. The taint is toxic to humans, and cannot be handled by normal filter masks. Fortunately this taint exists mainly at low altitudes. Above 1000 metres the atmosphere is safe to breathe. Below this, an oxygen supply or a fully sealed environment suit is needed.

Victoria has a single moon, Albert, which is large enough to have an atmosphere and appears to even have some surface water. It is officially listed as uninhabited though there have been reports of a stone or sometimes crystalline city on the surface.

The human population of Victoria numbers approximately ten million. The people dwell on high ground, mainly in a region known as the Mesas. There is no world government: laws, government, and technology vary from area to area. Balloons and dirigibles, sometimes powered by hand-cranked propellers, have made travel possible between areas previously cut off by low ground. In addition to the City of Victoria, the other major settlement on the planet is Sarik Gi.

Approximately 300,000 years ago Victoria appears to have been subject to a devastating bombardment from space by a variety of weapons, most notably asteroids. The bombardment resulted in a number of immense craters, some of which are today seas or great lakes; the Mesas also appear to have been created by the bombardment.

While proper permits might allow visits to Victoria, such permits include strict clauses about trading metal or metal goods to the locals, and specifically prohibits access to Victoria’s moon, Albert. Permits make it perfectly clear that lethal force may be used without warning against any vessel approaching the moon.

Victoria 0207

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