Twilight's Peak

Legendary story of lost starfarers who discovered fantastic structures and devices while surviving a terrifying winter season. Based on an epic poem of execrable quality, the story seems to be based on the disappearance of the Gyro Cadiz task force in 984, which has never been completely accounted for.

Gyro Cadiz task force

In 984, during the Third Frontier War, a routine request for radiation treatment pharmaceuticals for Regina was routed through Rhylanor to the navy base at Vanejen, which usually filled the order. The GYRO CADIZ (a subsidised merchant), along with an escort of three Type-S scouts (the BLATANT LIE, the CARLISLE, and the BLACK GOLD), carried the order and left Vanejen on 101-984. By 326-984 the convoy was declared “missing”.

A hundred years later, after the Fourth Frontier War, the derelict of the BLATANT LIE was discovered. From its memory banks it was determined that the convoy had been destroyed by Zhodani military action.

Twilight's Peak

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