Tukera Lines

Tukera Lines, LIC: Tukera Lines operates a vast fleet of passenger and freight vessels throughout the Imperium, following the xboat lines. In some subsectors (particularly the older, more established regions of the Imperium) Tukera Lines has a virtual monopoly on long distance shipping and travel. The oldest record of the firm is a charter from the government of the Sylean Federation, but family tradition holds the company to be several centuries older.

Tukera’s head is Count Blaine Trulla Tukera and his two brothers. Duchess Margaret who is married to Count Tukera, is also close to the Imperial Throne. There is considerable rivalry with Imperiallines throughout the Imperium, and Oberlindes Lines within the Marches. Tukera’s intelligence services, the Vemene, are feared for their ruthlessness by both citizens and the corporation’s employees.

One of Tukera’s many subsidaries is called Akerut. Another is called Keratu.

Stock Ownership: Tukera family- 29%, Imperial family- 3%, Other Corporations— 9%, Private ownership— 31%, Investment trusts— 28%

Tukera Lines

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