Shionthy 0706


  • Starport X No Starport
  • Size 0 Asteroid/Planetoid Belt
  • Atmosphere 0 Vacuum
  • Hydrographics 0 Desert World 0%
  • Population 7 Moderate (70 million)
  • Government 4 Representative Democracy
  • Law 2 Low Law
  • Tech Level 8 Pre-Stellar (superconductors)

System Details

  • Primary M4 V
  • Gas Giants 4
  • Planetoid Belts 1

Shionthy/Regina (0706) Imperial member system interdicted because of the extreme danger to traffic posed by the presence of small anti-matter particles. Contact with even a microscopic particle can cause severe damage. In addition to Shionthy Startown, other major settlements on Shionthy include Erum Gah and Surink.

The large belt dominating this system is believed by many authorities to be the result of the destruction of a large world by the Ancients. The anti-matter is believed to be the instrument of destruction.

Before interdiction, Shionthy had already acquired a population of belters collecting anti-matter fragments, worth several million credits per gram. Imperial law allows established populations to remain in a system after interdiction, and despite periodic disasters, the population has grown to an estimated 70 million. The inhabitants sell their finds to the Imperium, which, despite the humanitarian concerns which led to interdiction, finds the present arrangement too valuable to abandon.

Shionthy 0706

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