Ruie 0209


  • Starport C Routine: No Construction, Major Repair, Unrefined fuel
  • Size 7 Medium (11,200 km)
  • Atmosphere 7 Standard (tainted)
  • Hydrographics 6 Wet World 60%
  • Population 9 High ( billion)
  • Government 7 Balkanization
  • Law 7 Moderate Law (no firearms)
  • Tech Level 7 Pre-Stellar (electronics)

Ruie is a balkanized, industrialized autonomous world just beyond the Imperial border. Amber zone classification posted because of antipathy against the Imperium and Imperials by some nations on the world.

Ruie was offered membership of the Imperium in 235, but refused. In addition to Ruie Startown, other major settlements on Ruie include Siirgi City, Sula, Khagin, Irshi, and Kisi.

Physical Details

Ruie is an industrialized, high-population planet orbiting in the life zone around Wahrheit, a G5 V star with a mass of 0.94 and a stellar luminosity of 0.79. It is a large, molten-core planet with a diameter of 7,457 miles. The density is 5.6 grams per cubic centimeters (1.02 Earth’s density), resulting in a mass of 0.84 Earth masses and a gravity of 0.95 G. The rotation period is 24h 51m 06s and the orbital period is 359.91 days (347.6 local days). There is one small moon, Tugend, orbiting at a distance of 22,370 miles. The atmosphere is a standard oxygen-nitrogen mix, tainted by fungal spores, with a surface pressure of 1.05. Hydrographic percentage is 58. The axial tilt is 22 degrees and the orbital eccentricity is 0.02. Base temperature is 25 degrees Celsius (76 degrees Fahrenheit), giving Ruie a summer high of 62 degrees C (143 degrees F) at the equator and a winter low of -51 degrees C (-60 degrees F) at the poles. Native life is present.

Ruie’s land mass is unusually dispersed, being split into 4 major and 10 minor continents, 9 major islands, 6 archipelagoes, and uncounted smaller islands.

The airborne biological contaminants in the atmosphere can cause Ruakan Asthma, or ‘Ruie red-spot’, a persistent affliction similar to athlete’s foot, but far more widespread. It resists most forms of treatment and causes near-unbearable irritation.


Ruie was the homeworld of a now-extinct alien race called the Daccamites (after the location where the first evidence of their existence was found, the Daccam Ruins in the country of Nebelthorn). Information about them is still very sketchy.

Ruie was settled around -2200 by a group of First Imperium refugees. The colony survived for a while but died out around -1700. Little evidence of their tenure survives.

Ruie was settled once more in 78, only three years after the neighboring world of Regina, by a group of religious utopians from the Imperial core. From the start, the settlers avoided contact with neighboring worlds. Ruie is often referred to as a lost colony, even though it was not lost in the strictest sense — lying as it does next to Regina, which kept in contact with the Imperium from the first, Ruie was never cut off from its parent civilization by distance and/or loss of jump capability. However, the early settlers were very determined to have nothing to do with the Imperium or any other offworlders, and they stuck to this desire so fiercely that, since Ruie possessed nothing in the way of unusual resources, their neighbors left them alone, and the colony suffered the effects of technological regression typical for true lost colonies.

The outside world didn’t leave them alone forever, though. In 323, when the Scouts made a clandestine survey of Ruie as part of the First Survey, they found the colony, then at TL 2, being exploited as slave labor by an offworld mining outfit. The Scouts stopped the exploitation but were nonetheless unable to make friends with the locals, who had had all their prejudices about offworlders confirmed by their recent treatment. In the end, the Scouts elected to interdict Ruie, leaving them once again to their own devices.

For the next seven centuries, the people of Ruie spread out across their world, squabbling and fighting as Humans are wont. Ruie’s Earthlike conditions allowed many splinter groups to evolve and survive, and for a long time, there was plenty of room to escape to. Not until the ninth century did Ruie see large-scale warfare.

In 1051, Ruie was again surveyed, and was found to have worked itself back up to TL 6. The survey commander recommended a sociological study of the world to determine whether they were ripe for recontact. Those results were favorable, so in 1073, the Interdict was lifted and the following year a contact mission was sent to Ruie.

Contact quickly led the Scouts to allow limited trade relations with Ruie, although diplomatic relations didn’t develop as satisfactorily. A few nations accepted client status, but most held aloof — and some were downright hostile. Following long-standing Imperial policy as well as his own inclinations, Duke Norris didn’t press the point.

Ruie is currently in economic flux with mass unemployment causing a great deal of civil unrest (another reason for the world’s amber classification). The pro-Imperial faction of the population has used this crisis to push various states into requesting membership or client-state status.

Ruie 0209

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