Regina Subsector

L regina 1115

The hub of new development in the Spinward Marches Sector is the Regina subsector. Located at the very edge of the Imperium, it serves as a contact point with the Vargr to coreward and the Zhodani to spinward; the result is considerable trade activity through the Starports of the region.

The Regina Subsector contains 32 worlds with a total population of 165.6 billion. The highest population is 26 billion, at Rethe; the highest tech level is 13, at Efate, Uakye, Pixie, Boughene, and Yori, although some of these worlds have achieved tech level 15 in some fields. All worlds in the Regina subsector are members of the Imperium with the technical exception of Ruie; however several important nations on Ruie have recently become members in their own right.

The fleet assigned to the subsector is the 213th Fleet, headquartered at Efate Naval Base, with elements deployed at Efate, Regina and Pixie

General Shipyards, a subsidary of General Products maintain major shipyards at Efate, Regina and Pixie.

Regina Subsector

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