Law Level

Law Level is an indication of the relative oppressiveness of the world. The code of the UWP is classified on the Law Level table to show prohibitions against weapons. It also influences the difficulty to avoid being harassed or arrested by local authorities.

The Law Level is only a guideline on local restrictions on possession and use of weapons by individuals. Police, Security and Military forces are usually not bound by these law levels, though may be influcenced by them.

Law Level Codes

Code Description Prohibited Weapons/Controls (including those of earlier codes)

0 No Law No Prohibitions (Nuclear Weapons)

1 Low Law Body Pistols, Explosives, poision gas

2 Low Law Portable Energy Weapons

3 Low Law Machine Guns, Automatic Weapons

4 Moderate Law Light Assault Weapons

5 Moderate Law Personal Concealable Weapons

6 Moderate Law All firearms except Shotguns

7 Moderate Law Shotguns

8 High Law Blade Weapons Controlled

9 High Law No weapons outside home

A Extreme Law Weapon possession

B Extreme Law Rigid control of civilian movement

C Extreme law Unrestricted invasion of privacy

D Extreme law Paramilitary law enforcement

E Extreme law Full-fledged police state

F Extreme law All facets of daily life rigidly controlled

G Extreme law Severe punishment for petty infractions

H Extreme law Legalized oppressive practices

J Extreme law Routinely oppressive and restrictive

K Extreme law Excessively oppressive and restrictive

L Extreme law Totally oppressive and restrictive

Law Level

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