Hefry 0309

Homeworld of Belthasar (“Sar”) -6

Hefry (0309) C200423 7 S Non-industrial

Starport C Routine: No Construction, Major Repair, Unrefined fuel
Size 2 Small (3,200 km)
Atmosphere 0 Vacuum
Hydrographics 0 Desert World 0%
Population 4 Moderate (30 thousand)
Government 2 Participating Democracy
Law 3 Low Law
Tech Level 7 Pre-Stellar (electronics)

System Details

  • Primary K6 II M6 D
  • Gas Giants 0
  • Planetoid Belts 2

A non-industrial vacuum world located in the Regina Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Hefry is a member of the Imperium and the system contains a Scout Base.

Diameter: 1,740 miles (2,800 km). Atmosphere: None. Surface Water: 1% water ice. Climate: Frozen. Population: 32,000. Government: Athenian-style democracy. TL: 7.

Said to be an Imperial “land grab” world being settled by the Imperial Colonial Office to ensure the border with Ruie.

The settlement on Hefry owes its existence to the big Scout base there and is heavily dependent on the business it brings. The base houses the Scouts’ district administrative headquarters for the entire Regina subsector and is a hive of activity.

Hefry seems to have once had a trace oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, which has left strange rock formations that the ICO is promoting as a tourist attraction.

Hefry is a backwater system in the Regina Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Most of the system’s inhabitants live in a domed city on a small planet (which some would call a large asteroid). The City of Hefry, which contains Hefry Starport, is a miner’s town on a rough and rowdy frontier.

Common Knowledge on Hefry
Hefry is a small non-industrial world [Hefry (0309) C200423 7 S Non-industrial] off the main trade route to Regina. The starport is less than 50 years old and was hoped to expand. As yet no other cities have lasted, and no other planets or moons have been settled. Miners do move from base to base, and a few settlers are scattered about Hefry’s cold and empty surface.
The starport itself is part of the City. The extrality fence surrounding Imperial property winds around the landing pads, maintenance shops, fuel farm, control center, the Customs and Immigration office and a few other offices, an impound warehouse, and a waiting area and little more. This reduces Imperial costs on a world of only minor interest and boosts revenue available to Hefry so that it can grow more quickly than it otherwise would. Technically even the fuel belongs to the Imperial Scout Service, which uses its 600 ton Tender to bring it in from the system’s gas giant. However, it is sold at just above cost to the rare trader who cannot skim.

A metro system and conveyor paths run throughout Hefry City for a modest fare (CR1/day).
Work is easy to find and wages vary widely. The economy is strong because of the Scout base. Jobs can be sought anywhere but many are found at The Breakfast Bar, a popular spaceport restaurant and tavern. A work VISA is required from the Hefry Customs Office before working (Cr50) and taxes are paid at 25% of wages earned.

The male to female ratio in Hefry is 2 to 1. This is probably due to the rough environment and the high percentage of miners.

Weapons (swords and pistols) are commonly worn throughout the City, and it is not necessary to check them at the Customs and Immigration Office just outside the extrality fence. (They are not allowed in taverns.) Roughly half the population wears cloth armor around town, although it can be argued that this is due to the relatively chilly air temperature (which is reduced to save power). Duelling outside the city is unrestricted if at a safe distance and cleaned up afterwards.

Jumpsuits in plain colors (with or without a belted sword and pistol) are the common dress, often with a plain cloth armored jacket. Most people speak Imperial Standard with a rough accent, and often speak in short colorful sentences. Theft and murder result in jail time and execution (marched outside and buried). But most people are unusually generous and honest. Humor is rough, but deep.

Trade on Hefry
Hefry is a small non-industrial world off the main trade route to Regina. No liners pass through the small spaceport, and only rarely do ships over 400 tons arrive and depart. Tramp traders abound and Hefry is not so far out on the frontier that profits are low. In fact, shipments of ore can occasionally bring a tidy profit if belters underestimate the value of a shipment.

Even in a backwater system like Hefry, starships are expected to squawk identifiers inside of 100D of Hefry. (Outside this, space is Uncontrolled.) The region inside 100D is called Advisory Space and starships must check-in with Hefry Control on the published Guard Frequency as well as squawk transponders. Progress will be monitored and hourly comms checks are normal, initiated on either end.

The Starport Control Zone extends in a 10 miles radius around Hefry Starport and up to 50,000’ above the surface. Positive Control (vice Direct Control) is maintained within this cylinder of “airspace” and starships are given approach and departure courses, altitudes, and speeds. They cannot turn over direct control and have the Starport fly them in remotely as is done at some major starports. At Hefry, the starship captain flies as directed and is constantly on the lookout for mistakes by others.

Between these two zones is the Orbital Zone which extends from 10D downward to 50,000’ above the surface. Within this zone, ships may request orbits. Once stable, ships within orbits are not required to make contact again until departing orbit, but must continue to squawk.
Between the surface and the Orbital Zone is a controlled region called the Airspace Zone (regardless of the world being a vacuum world). This region is also Advisory. Ships are expected to watch out for each other, and Hefry Control will assist with this process but only hourly checks are required and Hefry Control is far more concerned with the safety of ships entering and departing the starport, than with often-uncooperative belters hopping from dig to dig on a largely deserted globe.

Hefry 0309

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