Duchy of Regina shipping

There are dozens of shipping companies operating in the Duchy of Regina. Many are fledgeling lines that can be expected to go bankrupt withing a few years, giving birth to new fledgeling lines as their ships are sold off. This is an incomplete list of more substantial companies.

Sharurshid operates passenger liners between all high-population worlds in the duchy.

General Products concentrates on manufacturing and its fleet of transports mostly carries its own products and raw materials for its factories. It does, however, try to fill up with incidental cargo when its ships have capacity going unused.

Tukera Lines provides jump-3 and jump-4 transport for passengers and freight between the duchy’s major worlds.

Al Morai provides passenger service to Dinomn, Efate, Extolay, Feri, Jewell, Louzy, Lysen, Roup, and Regina.

Imperiallines does not, despite its grandiose name, cover the entire Imperium, merely the Spinward Marches. It is a feeder line whose jump-2 freighters service the middle tier of worlds, the ones with too little trade to really interest the megacorporations but enough trade to be worth while. Most Class C starports in the duchy are served by Imperiallines.

Ekatur provides service between all medium-sized worlds in the duchy and the major trade routes.

Sinzarmes covers the same territory that Ekatur and Oberlindes does. The three companies are bitter rivals.

Gemstone Starliners is headquartered on Jewell and don’t cover anything to trailing of Regina.

Vrgizh Traders is likewise headquartered on Jewell and covers the same territory as Gemstone. The two companies have had a number of run-ins and are quite hostile towards each other.

Grey Wolf Lines covers the territory between Regina and the Uthe subsector, as does its mirror image, Irrghdou Oezuergvoaerrghtsus.

Duchy of Regina shipping

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