Duchy of Regina

Oversized Imperial duchy in the Spinward Marches comprising the County of Vilis, the County of Jewell, the entire Regina Subsector, and a number of worlds in the Aramis Subsector and Lanth Subsectors, including those of the Paya Cluster.

The Duchy of Regina has six counties:

  • County Aledon: 11 rich worlds on the Spinward Main including Regina
  • County Dethenes: The Kinorb cluster plus 2 lesser systems from the Aramis Subsector
  • County Enopia: A seven world backwater of the Regina Subsector including Enope
  • County Croesus: An eight world backwater of the Regina Subsector including Inthe
  • County Kristie: The Menorb cluster
  • County Arlington: The end of the Spinward Main including Efate

The current Duke of Regina is Norris of the House Aledon.

Duchy of Regina

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