A variety of pharmacological developments are available to travellers for medicinal (and other) purposes. Drug availability, reliability, and price vary considerably from world to world depending upon the local law and Tech levels.

Medicinal Drugs

Four types of drugs are useful in preventing or treating contagious diseases: vaccines, antitoxins, antibiotics and metabolics. They can generally be obtained only from a physician or with a physician’s prescription on worlds with high law levels, but they are generally available at retail on worlds with low law levels. Since all are administered by injection, they must be given by a character with some skill in medicine.

Non Medical Drugs

Each of the following drugs has its own advantages and disadvantages; users should be aware of the effects. For the sake of uniformity and ease of use, all are available in consistent, one-dose pill form. Other drugs not listed here may be available in a variety of forms and dosages. If more than one drug is taken at a time, the combination may cause an adverse reaction in the individual and result in injury or death The use or possession of certain drugs may be restricted by local law.

Antidotes are available for both slow and fast drugs, these immediately cancel their major effects: the individual is returned to the normal rate of living, but still suffers any indicated recovery requirements.
■Slow Drug
■Fast Drug
■Combat Drug
■Truth Drug


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