Boughene 0304

Homeworld of Blaxton Zagger


  • Diameter: 8,328 miles (13,400 km).
  • Atmosphere: Corrosive fluorine.
  • Surface Water: 30% hydrofluoric acid seas.
  • Climate: Cool.
  • Population: 630,000.
  • Government: Oligarchy.
  • Law level: 1

System Details

  • Primary K7 V
  • Gas Giants 1
  • Planetoid Belts 0

A non-industrial world located in the Regina Subsector of the Spinward Marches, Boughene is a member of the Imperium and the system contains a Scout Base.

Boughene is the only rocky body in a very sparse system. The planet serves as a gravity well for the starport, which is a nexus for the Xboat network in the subsector. The population all works for the starport authority – no one actually lives on Boughene due to the expense involved in creating a colony to survive in the fluorine atmosphere, although a few work there extracting valuable chemical compounds from primitive exotic lifeforms.

Boughene Highport

General Products LIC has its corporate headquarters here, taking up a significant portion of the highport. The starport used to belong to General Products, but in 822 a cabal of local company executives engineered the sale of the station to themselves and applied to the Imperium for membership. GP eventually accepted the new situation.

Boughene 0304

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