Belizo 0605

Homeworld of ‘B’ Zigana


  • Diameter: 7,694 miles (12,380 km).
  • Atmosphere: Dense oxygen-nitrogen, tainted by high carbon-dioxide levels.
  • Surface Water: 51 %.
  • Climate: Warm.
  • Population: 4,270,000.
  • Government: Representative democracy.
  • Law level: 6.
  • TL: 6.

A non-industrial, agricultural Imperial world located in the Rhylanor Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Belizo has a warm climate – uncomfortably warm – and a dense oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, due to a marked greenhouse effect created by high carbon-dioxide levels. The world itself is rather young, with extensive volcanism. These factors make for an immensely fertile world, with several harvests a year. The population is scattered in small agricultural towns around the globe. Most have a small port or landing area (often little more than an open field). Belizo’s one major settlement is a city of the same name as the planet.

The native animal species of Belizo include the vexing Tsaruth Faerie and the Kaanoe, or stun lizards.

Belizo 0605

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