Sonic stun carbine

weapon (ranged)

Stun Carbine, Sonic (TL 9): A fat, bell-mouthed device which emits a pulse of sound at a frequency designed to interfere with the target’s mental and physical functions. The effect is to cause unconsciousness for 1d6 rounds and disorientation for a further 2d6 after recovery.

This weapon can only work where there is air. It ignores all non-sealed armour (e.g. a vacc suit with the helmet on protects; a flak jacket does not) unless it includes integral sonic protection.

  • Weapon Sonic Stun Carbine
  • TL 9
  • Range Pistol
  • Required Skill Gun Combat (Laser Carbine)
  • Damage Stun
  • Magazine 20
  • Auto No
  • Recoil
  • Cost (Cr.) 350
  • Mass (Kg) 3
  • Ammo Cost (Cr.)

Sonic stun carbine

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