Snub pistol

weapon (ranged)

Snub Pistol (TL 8): A low-velocity autopistol designed for shipboard and zero-g environments, the snub pistol is fed by a 15-round magazine. Snub weapons can use a range of ammunition types.

Ball rounds are often carried for general use, though their performance is unimpressive. For serious combat, most users carry HEAP or explosive rounds.

  • Weapon Snub Pistol
  • TL 8
  • Range Shotgun
  • Required Skill Gun Combat (Zero-G Weapons)
  • Damage
    2d6–2 (Ball)
    3d6–2 AP (HEAP)
    2d6+2 ST (HE)
  • Magazine 15
  • Auto No
  • Recoil 0
  • Cost (Cr.) 200
  • Mass (Kg) 0.7
  • Ammo Cost (Cr.) 20

Snub pistol

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