Gauss Pistol

weapon (ranged)

The gauss pistol is a popular weapon because of its silence and its deadliness. The gauss pistol is based on the same principle as the gauss rifle and the VRF gauss gun: an electromagnetic field accelerates the needlelike bullet down the barrel while a bias in the field imparts spin.
The gauss pistol may fire either single-round shots or four shot bursts. The pistol uses the same 4mm ammunition as the gauss rifle; however, the magazines are not interchangeable.

An advanced weapon using electromagnetic acceleration to propel metal darts, the gauss pistol is a common sidearm in high-tech military forces. The detachable 40-round magazine contains a battery to power the weapon; changing a magazine takes one minor action. Gauss pistols can use
full-automatic, semi-automatic or burst fire modes.

TL 13 / DAM 3d6 AP / Mag 40 / Auto 4 / Recoil –1 / Cost 500

Gauss Pistol

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