Far Trader (Type A2)


A Far Trader is a small starship commonly used for interstellar trade and commerce that is capable of jump 2. Hundreds of variants exist. The typical size equals 200 tons. A similar spaceship capable of jump 1 is called a Free Trader.

  • Type: M Merchant
  • Tech Level 12
  • Size 200 Tons
  • Jump J-2
  • Thrust 1 G
  • Hardpoints 2
  • Cargo 65 Tons
  • Crew 4
  • Passengers 6 High/Med 10 Low
  • Cost MCr31

The basic ship involved in free trade is called the free trader. Variations on the basic ship have resulted in variations in the name. The subsidized merchant, partly because of its size, and partly because of its subsidy, is called the fat trader. Some well-equipped high-G traders employed beyond the Imperial border are called fast traders. The type A2 far trader derives its name from its jump capability: its drives are capable of jump-2, twice what the standard free trader can do.

The far trader can be encountered anywhere in the Imperium. It ranges far and wide, and deals with every world it finds. Even amber zones and red zones are not considered off limits by its captains, provided there is profit to be made and the risk of being caught is slight.

Far Trader (Type A2): Using the type 200 hull, the far trader is capable of 1-G acceleration and jump-2. Fuel tankage is 50 tons, and the ship incorporates fuel scoops for gas giant skimming. The bridge is standard and has a computer Model/Ibis installed. Two tons of fire control support the ship’s two turrets. The ship has ten staterooms (three for the crew; seven for the passengers) and four low berths. A single air/raft is carried for various ship duties. The ship itself is streamlined for atmospheric landings. Cargo capacity is 61 tons.

The far trader costs MCr66.175 to construct. The price includes architect’s fees and design plan costs, but does not include weaponry to be added later.

Peculiarities: The design of the far trader has ship security in mind, and so all passengers are segregated onto a passenger deck. Their access to the bridge and to other areas of the ship is limited. Unfortunately, when a seventh passenger is carried, he or she is berthed adjacent to the bridge. Original specifications did not envision more than six passengers, but the profit motive has led to them being overridden.


Far Trader (Type A2)

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