The long strange trip

The Towers of Atora

The SpA has informed you that you will need to file a claim with the Imperial Salvage Office at Government House in Atora on Regina.

The ISO is relatively helpful & informs you that you will also need to file a registry document with the Duchy of Regina Ship Registry Office (also at Government House); the SRO is notoriously slow-moving and for a nonstandard case like this, the ISO officer advises you to start right away.

At the SRO, you are bounced from receptionist to clerk to supervisor to administrative assistant to administrator to chief supervisor to assistant to the administrator to general supervisor to district administrator to deputy executive to … be told that you need 5 forms, properly signed and countersigned, in quintuplicate, by officials at the SpA & the ISO and the appropriate authorities in the system where the ship was salvaged.

A strange procession makes its way through the corridors of Government House. A visiting delegation of Llellewyloly (vulgarly known as ‘Dandelions’ or ‘Dandies’).



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