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TAS News Brief – Regina

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-C) Date: 087-1105
The Federated Ship Builders Union has expressed cautious optimism at news today that planned redundancies at the General Shipyards main facility in Regina have been averted. The announcement was made to workers this morning.
In the past year General Shipyards, a Spinward Marches subsidiary of General Products, LIC, has had a number of contract cancellations. Neither the Imperial Navy nor General Shipyards has commented on these cancellations; however there is widespread speculation that this has been due to poor quality work by General. As a result of the reduced demand, General Shipyards had been planning to mothball parts of its main yards on Regina and generally down scale its operations.
Today’s announcement must mean that General has secured new purchasers for its shipbuilding services. Industry commentators have speculated that General was looking to commercial operators for new ship orders. No major contract announcements have been made at this time however.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-C) Date: 087-1105
In the Credo City Court today, Kiranon Urthak was found guilty of orchestrating an attack on the computer systems of Credo Heavy Engineering Co. The remotely triggered attack was made in mid 1104 and against the networked computers. Credo Heavy Engineering stated that it caused 6 days downtime and an estimated Cr 500,000 loss to the company.
Kiranon was a contractor who had previously worked for the company. He has been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and was transferred to the Zaralban Correctional Centre where he will serve his sentence. 4 other suspects in the case were released from custody on the completion of the successful prosecution. They had been held for between 17 and 23 weeks.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-C) Date: 097-1105
Officials of the General Shipyards on Regina today announced that they have completed negotiations with Tukera Lines to manufacture locally L-Hyd drop tanks for use on high capacity commercial vessels. The first production examples are expected to be available within six months, at which time Tukera Lines will begin high capacity service from the interior. Component assembly will be carried out at General’s more modern facilities on Pixie (2307-A100103-D).
L-Hyd drop tanks are not re-usable and thus increase the absolute cost per jump. However, experience has shown that the increase in cargo tonnage resulting from the elimination of internal J-fuel storage more than makes up for this, the press release explained.
The joint press release concluded by stating that local manufacture of L-Hyd drop tanks marked the dawn of a new era of commerce and prosperity in the Regina subsector. Following that announcement, common stock in Oberlindes Lines plummeted 27 points on the Regina exchange before trading was suspended. Officials of the Oberlindes Lines were not available for comment.

Regina/Regina (0310 A788899-C) Date: 101-1105
Close on the heels of the joint announcement by General Shipyards and Tukera Lines that L-Hyd drop tanks would soon be manufactured in the Regina subsector came word by express boat from the Imperial core that a decision has been made to deploy Jump-6 L-Hyd drop tank express boats on all major express boat routes. Initial feasibility studies indicate that such a system could average jump-5.5 per week by executing maximum jumps where possible, leaving current xboat units to disseminate information between the major new relay points.
The system is expected to cut communication time to the Imperial hub to under 25 weeks. The Initial System Deployment Schedule indicates that the Regina subsector can expect to be fully integrated into the network within a decade.


I think it might be a good idea to contact my trader and ask about possible contracts with General Shipyards.

TAS News Brief – Regina

Interesting – what kind of possible contracts did you have in mind? Want to make a sales pitch?

TAS News Brief – Regina

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