The long strange trip

Nighttime at the Crescent

Thinking that you might need a bit of artillery at this point, Sar pays a visit to Olivia Purbeck (leaving behind the argumentative Khel this time) and comes away with what she has on the premises – only a few handguns, unfortunately: two Flechette pistols, a light revolver and a Spurt gun.

After realising a visit by the extortion ring is overdue, you hurriedly set up an electronic security screen around the Crescent, but it’s a hasty job and there are inevitably holes in your perimeter. You put the residents on alert and stand watch through the night.

Your endeavours are rewarded when you spot two nefarious-looking types wander slowly up the street and break into one of the residences – not setting off any alarms. Khel tip-toes out after them and Jan alerts the others, Ari springing into action as fast as she can.

Khel doesn’t wait for backup, but walks straight in and challenges the two – one of them freezes but the other comes straight for him, snarling, dagger in hand. Khel looses off a salvo from his spurt gun – which goes wide, redecorating the room. Dropping the now useless weapon, he draws his flechette pistol and puts a burst into the perp, who drops, wounded. At the explosion of gunfire behind him, his partner-in-crime hightails out the back of the building, pursued closely by Khel. The darkness fails to hide the fleeing perp from Khel’s augmented eyes and he puts a burst into him as well.

Ari arrives in time only to provide medical aid to the two wounded villains, who you tie up and interrogate. Your questions reveal that the whole gang seems a bit amateurish, to say the least. It has a few central faces – Roupan Pete and Tin Hand Terry, you already know – and a few hangers-on, like these two. When asked why they are here they reply, “It was our turn!” Further questioning leads you to conclude that there are half a dozen or so in this would-be extortion racket, and they are based at Pete and Terry’s place in Tent City.



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