The long strange trip

Meanwhile, back on the Highport...

  • Myles Nerim quickly managed to find a buyer for your bale of tobacco from the Annic Nova (roll = 8 + Broker+3 + assistant+1 + INT+1 = 13) and brought the deal to a timely and successful conclusion (roll = 7 + Broker+3 + assistant+1 + INT+1 = 12). He managed to sell your goods for 120% of their base value, or CR60000 (roll = 9 + Broker+3 + assistant+1 + INT+1 +/- no sale/purchase DMs = 14)… perhaps the notoriety of the Annic Nova helped there. Minus his 5%, that makes CR57000 for the ship’s funds.
  • Taking an initial (free) legal consultation about salvage shares for the Annic Nova, perhaps from Jenna Chin (of Madkashgerg & Chin, the original go-between for Khel & Madrid Straaker), doesn’t yield much optimism about your standing vis-a-vis B’s claims to an equal share. She says, “As Ms Zigana was a legally constituted member of your crew at the time of salvage, it seems she would be entitled to at least a part share, befitting her status as ship’s steward…”
  • You also engaged Myles Nerim to find a shipping broker for the Annic Nova. He has also been successful here (roll = 6 + Broker+3 + assistant+1 + INT+1 = 11). This broker is keen to determine the ship’s position vis-a-vis salvage rights and eventual outright ownership. As this is currently a legal grey area, he asks you to remain in contact and notify him when the paperwork has been resolved.
  • Another thing you asked Myles Nerim to do is to keep an eye out for contracts with General Shipyards, who are currently enjoying a boom in orders (see TAS News Brief Regina). He is sure that such a large operator will go for discounts of scale and be using large bulk carriers for any freight (eg raw materials, machine parts) they need. But there might be the chance of doing runs for their suppliers and contractors. He’ll keep a weather eye open for opportunities.
  • Up on the Annic Nova itself, the research team from the Six Sisters has been poring over the ship and investigating the artefacts you found on it. They are still puzzling over the myriad of anomalies you yourselves discovered (a strange mix of hi- and lo-tech, and plenty of in-built redundancies), for which they have plenty of conflicting theories. But they think they have identified the world which was mapped in the Map Box you found – Victoria / Lanth (0207), a Red Zone. They also let slip that there seem to be some chronic problems with the command systems on the ship – the ship’s computer seems to be causing them.



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