The long strange trip

A night on the tiles


Well, now, the last time you saw Gerry Gallows, she was howling invective at you and practically spitting with rage: “You lickspittle lackeys! You’ll be sorry you refused me!” Ah no, the last time you saw her, she was tearing up off your hotel landing pad in a speeder and some dodgy-looking feller who’d just tried to rob your rooms was hanging half-in, half-out of it. This might be serious. Maybe you’d better get out there and actually look for Blaxton?

Jan decides to wait in to see if he comes back while Sar, Khel and Ari scrub up and head out for an evening’s carousing at the clubs and casinos of Credo City. There seems to be no sign of him in any of the casinos you hit, but Khel and Sar take the chance to try their hand at a few games of chance – Khel dropping CR100 and Sar walking away with CR100’s winnings. While at the tables, you get talking to a dame – actually a real dame (SOC 11) – who’s been hovering at the edges of the gaming tables, but not trusting her luck too much to take part. As the evening progresses, she regales you with tales of lava rafting on her home planet (Rethe / Regina) and you tell her tall tales of derring-do in the jungles of Ruie, which she politely pretends to believe. When it’s time to move on to the next club, you invite her along and she accepts. Her name is Loretta Carponia.

The next club turns out to be the Pigeon-Toed Orange Peel – maybe not your kind of place, but it’s where B said she saw Blaxton with Gerry Gallows. The club is noisy, packed and sweaty. The hip young things of Credo City gyrate on the dance floor, and Ari and Loretta join them there while Khel and Sar moody it up at the bar. Sar takes the opportunity to look up the club’s ownership on his hand terminal; there are three names listed: Eneri Shulamikar, Zilla Pegunang and Eddie Oliveira.

As a slow number comes on and the crowd parts for a moment, Ari sees someone she’s sure she recognises – a short, uncomfortable-looking chap, flanked by two large stone slabs of men in shiny suits. The trio look out of place but Ari still can’t place the shorter of the three until, headed back to the bar to point him out to Khel and Sar, she suddenly whirls round in recognition and calls to Loretta to get the others and follow her.

Casually sauntering up to the fellow, whom she has placed as Gerry Gallows’ hotel suite-robbing sidekick, she warmly greets him. He freezes, in shock, then tries to squirm away between the two heavies with him. They look at each other and then down at him, puzzled and slow to react. Seeing Ari’s companions headed their way, they each then grab a shoulder of the fellow and turn and hustle him off, his feet barely scraping the floor. Ari threads her way through the crowd but earns little other than a punch in her stomach for her troubles. As a commotion breaks out and her friends reach her, the three they are following make good their exit.

Club security is quickly on the scene and Khel persuades them that his friend has just been blamelessly assaulted. In fact he does such a good job that they invite him up to their control room to point out the culprits on the monitors; Khel even gets a hard copy image of their faces and their vehicle.

Later, the four of you head back to Surprise Crescent, where Loretta is gladly given a room by Ma Mossett. Sar runs a copy of the air/raft’s registration through the Reginan Vehicle Registration Database, and comes up with the name Vuef Shutheash. There is one niggling problem – Sar’s trawl through the database has set off some kind of alarm, he’s sure of it…



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